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Ghana’s Lands and Natural Resources minister Samuel Abu Jinapor has assured the chiefs and people of the Central Gonja district that he will work together with other right stakeholders to raise the standard of the area for socioeconomic benefits to the people. Buipe and Central Gonja district, remains paramount in the development agenda of this government, he added.

Addressing the concerns raised by Buipewura Jinapor II, Lawyer Samuel Abu Jinapor explained that the revamping of the Buipe shea nut factory, provision of Buipe Township with water, township roads development, and extension of electricity, among others will be given much needed attention to help raise the status of the area.

He said the government’s agenda on ‘prioritization of the road sector of the country’ captures the Buipe-Kotito-Damongo road, fufulso-Bunjai-Salaga road, the construction of the Debre Inland port and other important projects will see massive improvement in 2023 and beyond.


The Damongo MP disclosed that a contractor will soon be at site to start work on the Buipe township roads. This will help open up Buipe to become salient in this part of Northern Ghana and West Africa. The town is located at a very strategic place; it’s the last major town connecting the north to the south and coastal Ghana.

On sports development, Abu Jinapor said a town like Buipe deserves an Astro Turf Pitch and assured the construction of Astro Turf Pitch at the Jinapor stadium to uplift it to the state of the art Astro Turf Pitch will commence in 2023. This will help promote sports in general and football in particular in the area.

The Lands and Natural Resources minister appealed to the Chiefs, Queen mothers and the people of the area to take progress of education amongst their children serious and do away with actions that will divide the people.

“When it comes to educational standards, Savannah region is the lowest amongst the 16 regions of Ghana. These are matters which should occupy our attention as people from the region and do away with activities that will divide us.
All must come on board to reverse the low standards of education in the region”.

He added that it is through education that you see some of us as ministers of state today. We have to find a way to addressing these low standards in education.

He disclosed that plans are in place to get the regional education directorate, senior high schools, district education directorates and others some pickups to help them improve monitoring and evaluation.

He called on the chiefs and people of the Gonja state to remain calm and be united for development, saying ‘we were Gonjas before party politics’. We shouldn’t allow politics to divide us because it’s always possible together.

Abu Jinapor commended the woman of the area and promised them of massive financial support to help their socioeconomic programs. He said in January 2023, he will launch the Buipe women empowerment program to help upgrade women in the town with financial assistance.

The Hon Savannah regional minister Saeed Muhazu Jibril explained that he together, with the Lands and Natural Resources minister began the visit across the Savannah region to thank the chiefs and people for their support and appeal for more support in the coming years to sustain the gains made.

The team already visited Bole and Sawla Tuna Kalba districts to preach peace for unity and development.

The Chief of Buipe traditional area, His Royal Majesty Buipewura Jinapor II Abdulai in a welcome address, reminded the ministers and their team of the challenges his traditional area are faced with and appealed to the team to help fix the challenges.

Buipewura Jinapor II Abdulai highlighted some critical needs of the Central Gonja district that need serious attention.
He appealed to the minister to help facilitate the completion of the contribution of Kusawgu Tulwe Bunjai road, Buipe-Kotito-Damongo road.

Buipewura also tasked the minister to revive the dying Buipe shea nut factory to revamp the Shea industry and create employment and also the rehabilitation of the Buipe water system and the upgrading of the Jinapor stadium to a modern status.

Buipewura Jinapor II will celebrate his 15th anniversary on the throne as chief of Buipe traditional area. He will also be celebrating 75 years of life. Hence, 2023 will be the Jinapor year of thanksgiving and celebrations.

Buipewura Jinapor II urged the youth of Buipe to “remain calm and exercise maximum restraint so that the area will continue to enjoy hard fought for, peace and tranquility”.

The central Gonja district is unique with five traditional paramouncies with Tulwe, Kusawgu, Mankpan, Debre and Buipe traditional areas respectively. All the paramount chiefs or their representatives were present during the visit.

Sister tribes, security agencies, heads of departments, women groups, and religious leaders among others attended the program.


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